Looking for an exciting vacation destination but not quite sure where to go? Tired of all the same old places and craving something totally different? Come to the southern hemisphere where our seasons are opposite and our toilets flush in the other direction. Home to some of the most beautiful and unique destinations in the world, you can explore the incredible natural attractions of Australia’s outback and Great Barrier Reef, kick and relax or snorkel the crystal clear waters of the tropical islands of the South Pacific or discover the unique culture and cuisine of Asia.


From the bustling big cities of Sydney and Melbourne to the incredible natural attractions of the Outback and Great Barrier Reef, Australia vacations offer a unique blend of breathtaking coastline, rare wildlife and laidback people.

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Fiji & The South Pacific

An 11 hour flight from LA, South Pacific vacations offer a spectacular collection of islands including Fiji, Vanuatu and New Zealand. The islands boast some of the best beaches and clearest waters in the southern hemisphere.

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Famous for its exotic culture and unique blend of modern skylines against rustic rice paddies, Asia vacations offer an exciting mix of beaches, culture, nightlife, shopping, royal palaces and glittering temples in both Bali and Thailand.

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